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About Us

Direct2 Church

Where churches save 40% to 50% on case quantities

Direct2Church is dedicated to serving chruches throughout the country with quality Christian books and marerials produced by Baker Publishing Group.

*These books and curriculum are selected because their messages are specifically applicable to church congregations.

*These excellent books and resources are available to churches in case quantities at discounts of 40%-50% off retail price.

Mission Statement

To serve the church and its leaders with quality Christian books and resources produced by Baker Publishing Group that will advance the movement of the Spirit of God, changing lives for eternity.

Case Lot Savings

Direct2Church wants to outfit your church with tools that support your pastoral ministry to your congregation. We will make products available to you that will help every member of your congregation grow in faith and devotion to Jesus Christ. We will make these products available only in case lot quantities to support your ministry without competing with your local Christian bookstore. If you would prefer to purchase books through your store, please have them contact us directly at the number listed below. We will be happy to work with them on getting you the books that you need at the prices listed on the website.

Because we sell in case lot sizes, we offer discounts of 40-50% off the regular retail price, benefiting your local church and congregation with exceptional discounts on great books and curriculum. These products may be distributed to your congregation or members of your community at no charge.

Direct2Church intends that all products sold to churches through the site be used for ministry purposes. To that end, if we can help your ministry grow in any way, please contact our Church Resources line:

Phone: 1-800-679-1957 x155

6030 E. Fulton
Ada, MI 49301